I Love My Bestie (:

If you need to talk , i'll listen ,

If you need to cry , i'll hold you ,

If you feel lost , i'll help guide you ,

If you need to be angry , i'll let you ,

If you're feeling attacked , i'll be your defense ,

If you're feeling unsure , i'll be your confidense ,

If you need to lean awhile , i'll give you a shoulder ,

If you're feeling alone , i'll be the friend who won't leave you , 

If you need to learn to trust again , i'll prove to you that you can ,

I will try my best to be a good friend .

Friends are like balloons ,

If you let them go ,

You can't get them back ,

So i'm gonna tie you to my heart ,

So i will never lose you ,

You are Crazy Silly Funny Goofy Amazing Cool Awesome ,

That's what i like about you (:

kawan kawan terbaekk ! Nurul Izzaty , Najihah Sulaiman and Aina Athira . sayang korang ngek *SUME KEPALE GILE GILE (:

Ilham Ismail , kawan paling best pernah aku jumpee . and die sudah menjadi milikku , HAHA xD

Muhammad Hazwan ! suke denga die gelak , sangat comel . sayang kau lah (:

korang selalu ade buat ateen , slalu buat ateen gelak , happykan ateen and thank you so much .
harap harap hubungan kite sampai maty (:

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